In a pickle…

At last, after what feels like months and months of revising, editing and tweaking, I’m finally at a point with NG where I’m writing again.
The process is so different that I’ve had to revisit all my old little tricks to get the words flowing – red wine, walking in the rain, loud music. When I’m in full flow, I can write on the back of a bus ticket, but getting the momentum going after so long editing, and editing other people’s work, has been a tad challenging.
But it’s working and the word count is racking up again as the action finally moves forward with everyone, hopefully, all where they need to be, doing what they should be doing.
I’m back at the point where I can have dialogue going on in my head whatever else is going on around me, little sparks of back story popping up out of nowhere and connections clicking nicely into place that tie in with stuff written into books one and two. 
That’s when writing is fun.
So NG is up to his ears in a pickle that looks as dire as anything I’ve written before. And what’s cool is that LC and Hil are behaving too, albeit in as much of a pickle, and I’m learning a lot about all of them. 


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