Harsh Realities: out now

Well I’ve done it! My first sci-fi convention and I have to say, it was daunting and I didn’t sleep for three weeks before but it was awesome. Many, many thanks to SciFi Scarborough organisers Andy and Steve for giving me so much encouragement, enthusiasm and support, both leading up to it and at the weekend itself.
I must also thank, wholeheartedly, my husband, who booked me in for it, in collusion with Andy. The hubs met Judge Anderson at the event so I think that more than made up for the grief I gave him beforehand.
It was amazing to be part of the first SciFi Scarbs weekend, which by all accounts, by all there, was fantastic. It was well organised, well attended, family-friendly, amazingly supportive to a socially-awkward sci-fi writer and just really good fun.
I am a very private writer and my characters mean a lot to me. It takes a lot for me to publish my books, never mind put them on public display. The response I received from everyone who came and talked to me was awesome and I really hope everyone who enjoyed the first two books so much enjoys the third.
I’d like to give special thanks to Andy and Steve, Gary Erskine for his support and advice and for being a lovely neighbour, to Kelly and Kev from Piddleypix and their two little ones for making lovely friends for the weekend, David Hine for headhunting our little one to hand out leaflets (she was very chuffed at getting her first job), Olivia and the crew from Professor Cooper’s Emporium of Victorian Futurism for being so patient and friendly to our little ones, Daniella from Geeky Comics and Steve Penfold from Beyond the Bunker Comics for their advice, the amazing Terry English for his hug, Danny John-Jules for being the Cat and being so cool, Lynn for her enthusiasm, and everyone who came to see us and made us feel so welcome.
I’ve been given the challenge to have book four of the Thieves’ Guild series ready for SciFi Scarbs 2015, and it’s one I really hope I achieve because I’d love to part of it all over again.


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