Love summer…

Quick update on everything I’m doing or planning to do this summer: write, entertain two munchkins, write, go along to the Sheffield Film and Comic Con, watch Transformers 4 (even though I’ve seen the reviews), work with Rachel and Graeme on artwork for the graphic novel, sit under a tree and write some more, watch the start of the football season with the usual unbridled optimism that goes with supporting Tottenham, paint pirate maps on the beach and write.
I’m taking a break from drinking rum, but I’m not sure how successful that venture is going to be yet – it’s early days.
On the book front, I’m supporting Smashwords’ summer/winter sale. Residual Belligerence is up there for free at the moment anyway ( on a bit of a whim because I realised that I rarely download anything these days unless it’s free or unless I already know that I like it. It didn’t seem fair to hope that other people would reach into their pocket to give my stuff a go – although I really appreciate it when they do.
Blatant Disregard ( and Harsh Realities ( are up there on a 50% discount for the rest of July. So if you like the first one, you can get the others at half price. And if you do like my stuff, please let me know – it means a lot to hear good feedback.
Work is progressing on book four. It’s NG again, and as usual, he’s being difficult but a very cool difficult. I love the comment that Rachel from York posted on Goodreads about NG: “I really liked him as a character, flawed enough to be likeable, mysterious enough to be intriguing and ruthless enough to be a little bit scary!”
So that’s my summer planned. The husband is being very patient and just tells me to go write him a book… and reminds me about my deadline for SciFi Scarbs next year!


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