A festive free gift…

It’s hard to believe that the first SciFi Scarbs was only this year – so much has happened since then that it feels like eons ago!
Since plucking up the courage to go to Scarborough (with a lot of arm-twisting and all that great support from my other half as well as Andy and Steve) for the launch of book three, I’ve been to loads of scifi and comic cons this year and I feel very privileged to have met so many lovely people who have given me so much encouragement. So thank you very much to everyone who came along for a chat!
I made the decision in November to spend the winter writing. Book four is coming together and taking on a life of its own… and, as most people saw this year when we released some preview art, I’ve started on the script and begun to pull a team together to work on the Thieves’ Guild graphic novel.
I didn’t want to disappear completely though, so as a teaser, I've released a peak behind the scenes at the Thieves’ Guild. It’s not a short story, it’s one of the conversations that I write between my characters. Most times they are arguments, often fights, and sometimes it’s a scene just turned around and seen from the other character’s point of view. These will never make it into any of the books but they’re great to delve a little deeper. My characters tend not to talk about themselves much. They don’t like to. So it’s amazing to see what comes out when they are forced to. If you’d like a copy, please sign up for my mailing list - there's a link right here.
As a festive thank you, here are also some eBook discount codes for books two and three (one is still free in eBook format!) so if you know anyone who also might enjoy the Thieves’ Guild stories, please pass them on.
It’s been a great year and I’d like to wish everyone the very best for 2015. See you all at Scarborough or a convention somewhere along the way!

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