Book Four due out March 2015

A year ago at Scifi Scarbs, Andy and Steve (almost jokingly) said, “Hey, see you here next year with book four?” I’m a sucker for a challenge so here we are and yes, book four is due out in March 2015, only a few weeks away!
It’s been great to have a deadline and I’m already planning books five and six. I’ve had some really cool reviews and feedback over the winter and I’m really grateful to everyone who has been in touch to say they’re enjoying my stuff.
I’m still planning to jump back into the graphic novel once book four is wrapped up and out there, and I’m still writing a lot of short back story stuff that may at some point see the light of day.
For now, here’s the cover of book four. I’ll be posting a first chapter in a week or two so keep a look out.
Once again, many thanks to everyone who has been so supportive! See you at Scifi Scarbs or Stoke Con Trent. Hoping to make it down to London this year too.


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