In between books…

Being a reader and a writer is very peculiar. I know exactly what it’s like to be waiting for the next book in a series to come out, the anticipation of wondering what happens next, wanting it to be in your hands so you can jump back into the adventure with your favourite characters, knowing you have all those hours ahead of you to spend with them…
Thing is, as a writer, that exact same time is suddenly the time when you’re done and finished and missing those same characters, the guys you’ve just spent every moment of the past year with, inside their heads, feeling every hurt and drama, every twist and turn as it surprises you as much as it surprises them.
It’s a strange, in between, in limbo kind of time. You have all the plans and thoughts for the next book swishing about, but you’ve not jumped fully into it yet, not quite ready to leave the last one, even though what’s done is done. There’s definitely a touch of the expedition blues about it.
So here I am, looking forward to Sci-Fi Scarborough and getting book four out there, and really appreciating the messages from all the people who have said they’re coming and can’t wait for it, to find out what happens to NG and LC and Hil… But I’m already missing them. I need to get on with five and get back to giving them all a hard time!

See you at Scifi Scarbs!

Wilful Defiance (Thieves’ Guild: Book Four) is due out on Monday 16th March. Paperback copies can be pre-ordered at


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