WIP: what’s next…?

Book Five! We’ve even got a title for it already: Darkest Fears (Thieves’ Guild: Book Five). It carries on the main big story from the first four books and I’m well into it already. I won’t give away who the main character is (although if you’ve seen the draft cover, you might be able to guess) but the whole cast from the other books are in there, and it’s all as intense as ever as the story builds even more.
It’s good to be back to the main drama but I’m glad I took the break I did to write LC’s story as a kid. It’s been fun and I must admit, I still can’t help dabbling in my notebook with bits and pieces from his next story.
But back to Book Five… I need a new album from Linkin Park and another bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Rum and hopefully it should all go to plan (…as if that ever happens!).

In the meantime, Kheris Burning (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book One) is out next week. It’s available now for pre-order in eBook at Kindle and iBooks and in paperback at Amazon or Sixth Element Publishing

And we’ll be at Sci-Fi Scarborough on 9th/10th April. 
Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,


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