Yes, Book Five is next!

Apologies if you’re wondering… but yes, Darkest Fears (Book Five) is next. I promise.
I’ve been sidelined again. Not intentional. As I’ve been explaining to anyone who has asked, it’s been a bit of a tough year and with the end of Four being so intense, I’ve needed the breathing space that Kheris gave me for anther year… hence LCs second book, Beyond Redemption.
But now that that’s out, I am back to Five. And yes, it’s dark, fraught, and as fast as ever.
I do still have at least one more Origins book planned for LC (might be another three…) but Five will be out next. And Six is in development.
So I’m giving them all a hard time. I have a bottle of Kraken lined up for when it gets really dark. I’m hoping the new Linkin Park album will be good (but listening to old stuff in the meantime). And I’m very much enjoying Tottenham being up there chasing for the top spot in the league and playing some awesome football. Glory glory days…

The new Thieves’ Guild book, Beyond Redemption (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book Two) is out now and available in paperback and eBook on Amazon


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